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Energy accumulators

The use of an energy accumulator is an eco-friendly and affordable way to ensure a pleasantly even room temperature and sufficient hot water.

The energy accumulator stores and evens out the heat produced by the heating system, after which it is then used to heat the property and domestic water.

The energy accumulator and various heating methods

An energy accumulator is suitable for use with a range of heating methods. It also allows for the parallel use of various forms of energy.

When using ground source heating, an energy accumulator is a necessary procurement. It can be built in to the ground source heat pump or be a separate unit in itself.

For electric heating, the accumulator allows for the use of affordable night-time electricity. The accumulator also helps to reduce the number of times you have to heat a wood-heating boiler since the heated is stored and doesn’t go to waste.

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Energy accumulators

G-Energy energy accumulator

Suitable especially to be used with heating systems using renewable energy.

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G-Energy HPe energy accumulators

Accumulator especially designed for heat pumps.

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G-Energy customized accumulator

Accumulator for special projects. The features can flexibly be selected to meet your needs.

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G-Energy buffer tank

Extra water volume to heating system with a buffer tank.

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Gebwell KVL300 hot water heater

Hot water heater for detached and terraced houses, and leisure homes.

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