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Gebwell Combi for exhaust air heat recovery

Gebwell Combi enables you to utilise the heat of the exhaust air for heating up the building and domestic hot water.

Gebwell Combi FinnBuild messuilla 2016

Gebwell Combi at the FinnBuild 2016 exhibition

Gebwell Combi comprises the heat recovery device, heat pump, district heating substation, buffer accumulator and automation that enables remote control. In addition, it is possible to add domestic water heaters to the system so that the recovered heat can be used also for making domestic hot water.


Operating principle of Gebwell Combi

The building’s old exhaust air blower is replaced with a heat recovery device (1). The exchanger in the heat recovery device (the heat recovery unit) transfers heat from the exhaust air to the heat recovery liquid, which is routed to the heat pump through a pipe installed inside the building or on its exterior wall.

The heat pump (2) uses the heat for heating the building and making domestic hot water. When starting to use the heat recovery system, usually the building’s district heating substation is also replaced with a hybrid substation (3).

The system additionally contains a buffer accumulator (4) that ensures sufficiently long operating periods for the heat pump, thus optimising the pump’s operation, and most often domestic water heaters equipped with a charging coil (5), with which the recovered heat can also be used for economically heating the domestic hot water.

The automation in the hybrid substation ensures the faultless operation of the heat recover device, the heat pump and the hybrid substation. The automation enables the remote monitoring and control of the system over an Internet connection.


The Gebwell Combi solution: Pilpit heat recovery device (1), Gebwell heat pump (2), two DHW hybrid domestic hot water heaters (5), G-Energy buffer accumulator (4) and G-Power hybrid substation (3) equipped with automation that enables remote control.