Qi ground source heat pump


Low noise for comfortable living. Sound insulation is carried out in cooperation with the acoustic designers.

Compact and quiet ground source heat pump is suitable especially for single family homes.

Qi ground source heat pump is easy to use, extremely quiet and reliable choice to heat your home. It is especially suitable for single family homes and it heats your home and domestic hot water in a manner that is both affordable and energy efficient. For sites requiring a large capacity of domestic water, an additional accumulator can be connected for the domestic water to ensure a sufficient amount of water for e.g. hot tubs. Like other Gebwell products Qi ground source heat pumps are manufactured at Gebwell Ltd’s factory in Leppävirta, Finland.

Ground source heat is a cost-effective heating system that requires hardly any maintenance. All our heat pumps feature latest compressor technique and quality components making the heat pumps highly energy efficient and reliable in use. As the compact unit does not require much space valuable square meters can be used for other purposes.

By choosing Gebwell heat pump you will not only reduce your heating bill but also your ekological footprint. From integrated energy meter you can follow your energy consumption. Qi ground source heat pump is suitable for both new build and renovation projects and can be connected to both radiator and underfloor heating systems. Installation-friendly design ensures profitable and fast installation.

Qi ground source heat pumps feature a bypass for the heating coil of the ventilation unit providing continuous and nonstop flow to the ventilation unit, even during periods when domestic hot water is produced. The Qi ground source heat pump’s compressor unit is easy to detach for transportation or other purposes. Ground loop pipe connections can be right or left-handed.  Ask our dealers for more information or send a request for a quote!

  • Easy to install
  • Energy-efficient
  • Scroll-compressor
  • Manufactured in Finland

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Technical specifications

  Qi 6 Qi 8 Qi 10 Qi 13 
Dimensions (d x w x h), cm 68 x 60 x 189
Weight, kg 240 250
Accumulator, l (DHW / heating) 185 / 7
Heating capacity, 0°/35° kW 5,3 7,4 9,4 13,3
Input power, 0°/35°  kW 1,1 1,6 2,0 2,8
COP, 0°/35°  kW 4,8 4,6 4,7 4,8
Energy class* A+++-Right-DarkGreen
Heating water maximum output temperature 65
Operational temperature, collecting loop -5…+20
Compressor Scroll
Soft starter Yes

*Energy efficiency class of heating system, intermediate climate, underfloor heating

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