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Cost-effective underfloor heating for new buildings with ground source heat

Pasi Hytönen valitsi taloonsa maalämmön jo rakennusvaiheessa. Maalämpöjärjestelmän asennus sujui huomaamatta talon rakennuksen ohessa. Hytösen mukaan Gebwellin qi- maalämpöpumpun käyttö on ollut vaivatonta. Nelihenkinen perhe on päässyt nauttimaan kodissaan tasaisesta ja edullisesta maalämmöstä.

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The Veijalainen family chose ground source heat for their now house

Hanna Veijalainen added Gebwell’s silent ground source heating pump to her prefabricated house. The Veijalainen family has every reason to be happy, since the ground source heating system has fulfilled their expectations perfectly. They have found ground source heat to be an effortless and economical heating method.

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The Huttunen family heats with low operating costs

Markus Huttunen from Hamina chose ground source heat as the heating system for his new house, with heated area altogether 300 square meters storage area included. The room heights of both the house and the storage space are at points up to 4-5 metres, making the cubic volume of the heated spaces considerable. Huttunen is happy with Gebwell system and small energy bill.

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Maintenance and upkeep

We want to offer our customers heating solutions as clear, hassle-free packages and for that reason we consider it important to take responsibility for the functionality and maintenance of our products.

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The amount of CO2 emissions reduced by Gebwell heat pumps since 2009
(CO2 kg saved )

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