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94% of users would recommend Gebwell to others

Gebwell aims to keep its customers happy, which is why we constantly study our customers’ experiences with our products and services. According to a recent user survey, we have demonstrably very satisfied customers who would recommend our ground source heat pumps to others.

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District and geothermal heating hybrid heating as a total delivery from Gebwell

A hybrid entity manufactured and delivered by Gebwell was installed into a block of flats located in Helsinki’s Haaga quarter.

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Onninen gains exclusive sales right to Gebwell Qi ground source heat pumps in Finland

Exclusive sales right is given as of 20 March 2017.

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Maintenance and upkeep

We want to offer our customers heating solutions as clear, hassle-free packages and for that reason we consider it important to take responsibility for the functionality and maintenance of our products.

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The amount of CO2 emissions reduced by Gebwell heat pumps since 2009
(CO2 kg saved )

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