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Heat wells

A heat well acts as part of a ground source heat system wherein nature’s own energy is utilized in heating. Heat wells are also known as energy wells.

A natural source of heat for even small spaces

This free energy stored in the ground can be gathered using heat collection piping installed into the heat well. Using a ground source heat pump, this energy is turned into heat which can be used to heat buildings and domestic water.

In suburban districts and rocky plots especially, the installation of a heat collection pipeline is a sensible solution since it takes little space away from the plot.

Heat well structure and dimensions

The correct dimensioning of a heat well in relation to the capacity of the ground source heat pump is critical for a sufficient energy supply. For this reason Gebwell Ltd. dimensions all cases individually and is responsible for sufficient dimensioning.

Heat wells are normally 4.5-6.5 inches in diameter and the depth of well is determined according to the household’s heating and hot domestic water needs. Heat wells for ground source heat are typically 100–200 metres deep. For a larger energy demand, it is possible to drill several heat wells on the same site.

A heat well consists of a drilled hole and the water in it, heat collection piping and its liquid, a protective pipe and hat as well as a maintenance well. From the outside, all that is visible is the lid over the well. All our heat wells are surface waterproof.

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