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Water wells

A drill well will supply fresh water for a very long period of time regardless of season and even during dry periods.

A drill well offers the possibility to exploit the water reserves stored in the ground and bedrock for many different uses. In dispersed settlement areas a drill well is often the only affordable option due to long distances.

Having your own well is an affordable option since there are no fixed monthly fees or water bills. The benefits of a drill well are emphasized in sites which see large water consumption, such as farms and in agriculture.

Water quality must be investigated before use

Primarily, drill well water serves as good domestic and drinking water straight from the well. Due to natural variation however, the water quality must be checked separately in each municipality, so the water must be studied before use.

If quality requirements or recommendations are not met, there are various filters available on the markets for purifying well water. Read more about domestic water quality requirements and questions and answers about the quality of well water using Finland’s environmental administration’s online service.

We specialize in heat well drilling. We will naturally drill you a water well in connection with heat well drilling.

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