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Invoicing instructions for suppliers

Pivaset Ltd. (FI09188476) merges to Gebwell Ltd. (FI20089567) at the end of the year 2016.  Gebwell Ltd.’s business ID (FI20089567) will be resulting company’s business ID. Pivaset products are continued to be sold under Pivaset brand.

Gebwell Ltd. will be responsible for purchase invoices and sales orders from January 1, 2017.

Please send us your invoices in one of the below three ways.

1. PDF- file send as an e-mail attachment to the address: scanning@heeros.com

2. Paper invoice mailed to the address:

Gebwell Ltd.
PL 128

All scanned and paper invoices should include identification number ##003720089567## in the address field as follows:Gebwell Ltd.
PL 128

3. E-invoice we also receive e-invoices

Technical information about e-invoicing:

Our company information Sending information
Name Business ID E-invoice address Operator code Operator
Gebwell Ltd. FI20089567 003720089567 003708599126 Liaison Technologies

*) Our e-invoice address is the same as our OVT number. In Finland, the OVT code consists of: country code “0037” + Business ID without hyphen + optional unit code (max. 5 characters).

Please use the above-mentioned e-invoice address and operator code when routing invoices.


All other mail, payment reminders, etc. should still be mailed either to our;

postal address;

Gebwell Oy
Patruunapolku 5
79100 Leppävirta

or to our e-mail address;  info@gebwell.fi

For further information, please contact:

Iida Kutvonen
Secretary, Finance dept.
+358 400 897 136


Load instructions in printable format here: Invoicing instructions for suppliers