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Heat pumps

– energy efficient
– extremely quiet
– manufactured in Finland

Gebwell heat pump range features a solution for real estates of all sizes: for heating of detached houses, terraced houses and apartment buildings as well as public and industrial buildings.

Heat pump heats your home and domestic hot water, there is no need for an additional heating source. Heat pump is suitable for both new build and renovation projects.

Heat pump is environmentally friendly and profitable method of heating. It does not cause any emissions polluting climate and produces at least three times more heating energy than it consumes.

Aries ground source heat pump

The first inverter driven ground source heat pump remotely connected to the manufacturer as a standard.

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Qi ground source heat pump

Compact and quiet ground source heat pump is suitable especially for single family homes.

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T² heat pump

Cost-efficient and reliable solution for more demanding needs.

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Gemini heat pump

GEMINI heat pump

Advanced and versatile heating solution is particularly suitable for large properties.

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E-Flex ground source heat pump

The product is discontinued.

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Taurus heat pump

Reliable heat pump for large real estates.

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Installation set for Qi GSHP

Ready-made installation set ensures fast and profitable installation.

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Control group for heating KV6.3

Control group for heating

To facilitate installation of heat pump and adjusting of heating circuits.

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Collector valve group

To facilitate installation and maintenance of all Gebwell heat pumps.

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Gebwell cooling convector

With wall-mounted cooling convector the almost free cooling energy of ground source heating system can be exploited reasonably.

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