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Control group for heating

To facilitate installation of heat pump and adjusting of heating circuits.

With heating control group the adjusting of heating network is easy and installation time of heat pump signicantly shorter.

Connecting the control group to the heating network is easy and effortless. By connecting two control groups to heat pump, you can heat damp spaces all-year round regardless of heating needs of other rooms, for example.

  • Shortens installation time
  • Facilitates adjusting of heating circuit
  • Easy to use
Lämmityksen säätöryhmä Qi Lämmityksen säätöryhmä KV 6.3 Lämmityksen säätöryhmä KV10-KV16
Heating control group Qi Heating control group KV 6.3 Heating control group KV10-KV16
Pumppulämmitysryhmä 2m3/h Pumppulämmitysryhmä 6m3/h Pumppulämmitysryhmä 12m3/h
Pump heating group 2m3/h Pump heating group 6m3/h Pump heating group 12m3/h

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