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E-Flex ground source heat pump

Ground source heating system buried in the ground.

A revolutionary Finnish innovation!

Ground source heating equipment is usually placed in the utility room of the property it heats. In sites undergoing renovation, however, it can be challenging to place the energy accumulator because of a lack of utility space or due to the low height of the ceiling. New buildings on the other hand might not contain space for ground source heating equipment at all.

Invented and introduced by Gebwell Ltd, the new E-Flex solution places the ground source heat pump and the energy accumulator as well as the connection needed outdoors, underground. E-Flex is an excellent solution for buildings where there is no room for ground source heating equipment.

E-Flex* benefits

  • Does not require separate utility space
  • Completely silent
  • Large domestic water capacity (1000-5000 litres)
  • Longer service life
  • Easy to install
  • Capacity 6-500 kW

*International Patent Pending PCT/FI2011/051021

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